About Us

•  R4 was established locally in Calgary, AB by a team of Executive Consultants each with over 25 years experience and a strong focus in creating and improving Operational Management Systems in Oil and Gas, Engineering, Environment Agencies, Government and Non-Government organizations. Their mandate is to ensure the sustainable and innovative ways that the various sectors could complement and collaborate together for the progression of humanity.


•  We are progressive, visionary and committed to lifelong continuous improvements. We continually invest in, develop and empower our results by mapping and identifying microbes to help further develop cultivation of antibiotics that will help prevent diseases and understand pathogens. Through our management, talented teams and partnerships we collectively maximize the value of our findings by furthering research to increase the health community support by developing proactive, innovative solutions that will help sustain life, the ecosystems, and its entirety.  

•  R4 provides quality remediation, reclamation, renewable resources and re-development strategies.  Our team of experts, professionals and partnerships is a formula that fosters success in all facets of in-depth research, proactive design, effective implementation, and long-term support for all of our clients' environmental and land use needs. R4 will always maintain high standards of professional conduct and comply with all local, provincial and federal regulations that are innovative and cost effective.

•   From initial site evaluations and environmental assessments to intrusive investigations and remedial operations, every aspect of environmental consulting and land management can be undertaken by R4.

Please contact us to discuss on-site consultation (403) 999-9984 or (587) 429-4765 or use our contact form.


R4 Deeply rooted solutions:  

  We pride ourselves in the quality and expertise of our teams and the partners we are affiliated with.  The following are the services offered:

•  Project management  •  Environmental Assessments and Gap Analysis •  Quality Assurance

•  Aid in further Research and Development of microbes  •  Contributor of data analytics pre and post environmental evaluations

Site Closure and Liability ManagementWater ManagementDrilling Waste ManagementRelease Response & Site RestorationOil Sands Environmental Compliance ManagementEnvironmental MonitoringCivil Engineering



  • Sustainable Maintenance and Development of natural products to support Microbiology and cell biology

  • Onsite Ex-situ chemical oxidation and enhanced bioremediation of hydrocarbon impacted soils

  • Specialized mixing and blending for efficient use of proprietary chemical and microbial blends


  • Site grading and preparation (Site contouring to match surrounding land use
  • Reclamation Construction (access sites)
  • Replacement of topsoil and sub-soils


Renewable Resource:

  • Solutions to combat Pathogens and dioxins
  • Organisms to promote the health of our communities and ourselves.
  • Ensure the highest quality of standards and results for Environmental conditioning





  • Assement and Re-evalution of Land Properties to ensure optimized Land Management strategies

Our Services

At R4, our work always meets the highest quality standards.  From consultation to maintenance you can count on us to take care of your solutions.  Biodiversity from Molecules to Ecosystems – An integrative proactive approach to develop sustainable and natural products that combat pathogens and dioxins, while increasing the efficacy and valuation of pre-existing operations in all sectors and industries that impact the environment like Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Engineering and Land operations through Environmental Land Management strategies. 


  R4 is dedicated in providing cost effective and efficient sustainable environmental solutions, that meet the needs of our communities.  Our commitment is to help break down cultural barriers affecting the natural surroundings that  are producing positive, consistent outcomes that improves the environment for generations to come.

•  Microbes perform countless miracles, from capturing energy from the sun to power the biosphere to taking the carbon dioxide we exhale with every breath and turning it onto the oxygen we need to survive. Increasingly, humans are looking to plants and other biological organisms for their ability to clean up the toxic mess we’ve left in our wake as we’ve colonized the planet.  

•  All our services can be tailored to any budget and customized to meet your needs.  R4 focuses on 4 major areas of any development both for brownfield and greenfield operations that requires environmental conditioning.  

Contact Us

Calgary, Alberta Canada
PHONE 587-429-4765
Email:  R4environmentalsolutions@gmail.com

           R4 is an Environmental Solutions company that is 

   Adding Value to Biodiversity : 


                 From Molecules to Ecosystems - An Integrative Proactive Approach Towards

Healthier Communities​

For an on-site consultation please contact us at:


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